Melissa Sciotto

Owner, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Business Developer

Melissa Sciotto

About MIXX Fitness and Melissa Sciotto

MIXX it up with Melissa! Melissa Sciotto has been a fitness instructor for 20 years and a personal trainer for 11. In addition to training clients, Melissa has held the position of Group Fitness Coordinator at Superfit Gym in Conshohocken. This position required organization and development of innovative fitness classes and management of instructors and schedules. Also, in 2000-2004 Melissa helped manage Metal Health Gym in Perkasia, PA where her love of fitness was born!

Before having her children, she was an elementary school teacher for 7 years. Teaching has always been a strength, coupled with exercise, a passion! She is always trying new things and incorporating new strategies as well as play lists to her spin classes to help keep clients entertained as well as energized! On September 1st, 2014 Melissa opened her own Fitness Center: MIXX (Motivational Inspirational Exercise Experts) in Conshohocken. This is a Fitness Training Center which incorporates a personal training approach to group fitness. Melissa’s goal for MIXX is to leave clients feeling excited and motivated to reach their own fitness goals!

MIXX Members Get More!

When you are a MIXX Member, you receive:

  • Health & Wellness Goal Identification
  • Personalized Health & Wellness Plan
  • Weekly Check In With Trainers
  • Monthly Evaluation Of Progress

What Is The MIXX Difference?

MIXX Fitness is more than a fitness studio. It is a full health & wellness organization based on small group instruction, training & support. Each MIXX Instructor is a Motivational, Inspirational, Exercise Expert.

MOTIVATED – Your MIXX instructor wants to help you reach your goals. Before, during and after classes, your instructor will support you physically, mentally & even spiritually! Your instructor will push you when you’re ready to give up and hold you accountable for your performance.

INSPIRING – Your MIXX Instructor will provide inspiration through example and anecdote. She will model behavior that is healthy. She will WORK WITH YOU at times to share the experience of the workout. She will provide inspirational phrases, quotes, and sometimes stories to help you move forward on your journey.

EXERCISE EXPERT – Your MIXX Instructor is a certified instructor required to maintain accurate and updated credentials. MIXX Instructors are required to create effective, appropriate class formats that provide modifications and change periodically to avoid client plateaus. MIXX Instructors are encouraged to vary classes weekly, incorporate client feedback and request and attend classes taught by fellow MIXX Instructors to improve, learn and grow from and with each other.

When you are at MIXX, your instructors are your “trainers”. The classes become your “training sessions”. Your health and wellness goals will be determined. You will be given a personalized plan to reach those goals. Your instructors will know you by name and by goal. Your time spent will be meaningful and effective to you. Your experience will be personal. And your relationship with fitness will develop into a lifelong commitment to your personal health & wellness journey.